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Search property:

- Search for stolen property Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine;

- services for tracing the property Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine;

- search for inheritance property in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine or search for property of the deceased Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine;

- search for property of the company Ukraine (inquiring about tangible assets), etc .;

In order to ensure the rights of the creditor to reimburse the damage caused to him, the detective agency LLC Bureau of Personal Business Situations and Business Security will search for the property of the debtor in court enforcement proceedings Kyiv, Odessa, Ukraine:

- real estate;

- vehicles (including leased property);

- land plots;

- on equity participation in business (legal entities) and dividends received, or as an individual entrepreneur and his income;

- on the management and receipt of income in unregistered business;

- on the possible availability of funds (accounts) and deposits in banks;

- search for the property of the debtor's spouse or registered with his relatives;

- search for a debtor's property abroad.