Protection from eavesdropping in Kiev, Odessa. Check for wiretaps in Kiev, Odessa. Protection against eavesdropping in Kiev, Odessa. Check phone for wiretap in Kiev, Odessa. Install technical means of information protection in Kiev, Odessa

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Private detective is ready to check your premises or car for the presence of devices of unauthorized (hidden) eavesdropping, as well as means controlling your movement (GPS - beacons).

Listening to you can be through a simple "bugs", and a complex system, disguised for any object that is in your use. Checking the premises for the presence of bugs Kiev, Odessa, as well as protection from wiretapping Kiev, Odessa is simply necessary for any businessman!

Price checking the premise is $ 15. for a square (cubic meter). The price for checking the car is set separately, depending on the complexity of the work and by agreement.

Specialists of our agency have a wide range of tools and professional technical tools that can identify and neutralize the means of secretly extracting information.

Our detectives use universal and special methods for detecting eavesdropping devices.

They will also provide advice on the vulnerabilities of your office (apartment) in terms of the possibility of information leakage, will conduct installation of technical information protection systems.

To ensure that you slept peacefully and worked, we will also install an open video surveillance system in your home and office.