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4. sbor informacii o cheloveke

Very often, people need to searching for information on a person Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine. With the help of private detectives you can find a person address by name in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine. The specialists of the private detective agency can find a person at the address in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, or find a person by last name in Kyiv, Odessa, Ukraine. Also read in our article how to find out information about a person by mobile phone number in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine.

Specialists of our company also provide a wide range of information (dossier on a person Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine):

- Information about a person;

- citizenship (checking the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for details of the service by reference);

- the identification code of the person (for more details see the link);

- possible problems with the law;

- whether he is an official or a founder of business entities;

- sources and sums of income received (credit history, see the link);

- current and previous work places (more details see the link);

- availability of real estate, cars (general welfare level);

- alcohol or drug dependence;

- hobbies;

- current marital status, children, parents;

- personal information (way of life), the presence of compromising information, etc .;

- it is also possible to obtain a photograph, a sample of handwriting and many others.

Our detective agency since its foundation in 2010, has collected huge amounts of information for many of our customers. We searched according to different criteria and on different initial data. Often, the information that was provided to us from the client was very truncated, many data were missing. But our painstaking work and various databases produced results. The client received an extensive information reference on the topic that interested him.