Checking wife Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine. Checking husband Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine. How to find out if the husband is cheating Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine. How to find out if the wife is cheating Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine.

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In our age, adultery has become as a sadly common occurrence. Detective agency will identify or refute the fact of adultery. You should make sure that your family life is not in danger!

If you ask questions, how to find out if he is cheating on me in Kiev, Odessa or how to find out if the girl is cheating Kiev, Odessa or how to know out if the guy is cheating on you Kiev, Odessa , detective help is just necessary for you!

Private detective will confirm or refute the fact of adultery. Agency qualitatively and quickly identify the fact of adultery, will be able to spy follow the person Kiev, Odessa.

Dear Clients!

We do not shoot "bed scenes" on the video. We also do not penetrate into other people's property, including hotel rooms. You can install video surveillance only in your real estate (written permission is given by you) so that it is not qualified as breaking and penetration and does not fall under the articles of the Criminal Code where you can also act as the organizer.

Photo, hugs, kisses, privacy in an apartment (hotel) with a representative of the opposite sex who is not known to you, for an intelligent person, will be sufficient evidence of adultery.

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, can it be time to make a marriage contract? The law gives the right to make it not only before marriage but also at the time marriage. The service of drafting a marriage contract Kyiv, Odessa is provided by our lawyers. Read more about the service of entering into a marriage contract on our legal website.

Since the foundation of the agency, we already had a large number of cases on the specifics of adultery. We have executed a lot of orders from our clients to find out the information they are interested in. In the course of the work we fell into different non-standard and complex situations, they are the basis of our vast experience. During this time we have formed an experienced team that is able to perform qualitatively and confidentially the diverse tasks of our customers.