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1. sbor kommercheskoy informacii

Our detective agency understands the current realities of doing business in our country are tough competition and a big risk to enter into business relations with dishonest counterparties. Indeed many of you have already encountered dishonest business partners, and as a result of working with them they incurred huge losses.

In such a situation, the economic security of business remains a very important priority, one of the components of which is the background check of company in Kyiv, Odessa, Ukraine. When deciding on cooperation with a particular commercial organization, contact us by purchasing the services of checking counterparties in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine in order to find out information about their reliability and solvency. In order for you to have no financial problems in business, first of all, it is to check the balance the company in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine. Also here you can find out other economic information about the company.

We have the ability to collect quality information about legal entities in Ukraine and foreign companies around the world.

We will conduct a company audit in Ukraine, collection of complete information about the legal entity, including on foreign ones:

- verification of information about the counterparty in Ukraine, full registration data, date of establishment, duration and stability of the existence of the enterprise;

- addresses of registration and actual location (find the registration of a company in Ukraine or how to find the registration of a company in Ukraine), contact numbers, frequency of changes in the actual address of the enterprise, presence or absence of subsidiaries and / or parent companies;

- information about co-founders (their related business) of the company's management;

- all economic indicators that characterize the financial status of a commercial organization at a given time (statutory fund, solvency, volumes of goods and services sold, profit, accounts receivable, business partners, turnover, etc.);

- data on credit history;

- analysis of integrity and reliability (cases of fraud in the history of a legal entity, the dynamics of the company's performance of obligations, links to crime and unscrupulous partners, etc.);

- availability of facts of court proceedings, open execution cases against a legal entity, etc.

Verification of a legal entity (planned inspections of a legal entity before entering into a contractual relationship) should be present in any business. Verification of individuals and legal entities - BENEFITABLE TO YOU! It will ensure a quiet and profitable work of the business, as well as the absence of problems and risks of entering into work with dishonest counterparties.

Are you attacked by competitors? Our agency will collect information about competitors and conduct their in-depth analysis.

Private detective will help to undermine the economic activity of a competitor, significantly spoil the business reputation, to entice leading specialists to you.

The analysis of the competitor (the plan of checking the legal entities competing with you) will allow you to obtain the necessary information that will help you to review the business strategy and bring your company to the market leaders.

Our detective agency will ensure the economic security of the enterprise and increase the bottom line of its profit. We will also collect marketing information, analyze the competitor's site, and disclose its internal service information.

Having information about the competitor, you can use it competently for marketing purposes. In the future, you do not have to spend tremendous energy, time and huge cash to find new customers. Having prepared a competent commercial offer, you will systematically achieve that the clients of the competitor will work with you.

At the same time, personal information about the leadership of a competitor will help you fully anticipate their actions and apply effective countermeasures.

You do not want to buy a "cat in a poke," and at the same time competently conduct a study (study) of competitors? Then come to us!

Collecting commercial information or checking business reputation is actually business intelligence.