Alibi agency Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine. How to make an alibi Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine. Create an alibi Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine. How to make the prefect alibi in Ukraine. How to create the prefect alibi in Ukraine.

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22. obespechenie alibi

It should be noted that the so-called agency alibi Kiev, Odessa, a very rare organization in its pure form. In the global network of Internet "agencies alibi" a lot, but as a rule, under their guise hide fraudsters. In reality, this service can only be provided by detective agencies.

Our alibi services  Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine:

Consulting services

The private detective agency provides advice on alibi to the client, as well as on other non-standard and piquant life situations.

Organization of providing an alibi for any time

At your request, we will design and organize an alibi (except for cases of a criminal nature).

The alibi service can be provided in various forms:

- By calling to the phone, with a dramatization of events of an emergency nature, requiring your immediate presence;

- Invitation to participate in various private, corporate, mass and public events;

- Documentary confirmation of your participation in business trips, conferences, seminars, meetings (tickets, travel documents with a note, hotel checks, souvenirs of the city where according to the legend you were, etc.;

Private detective prepares scenarios for providing an alibi - you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Providing an alibi in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine in cases where the event has already occurred and you could not be justified for your absence.

Check alibi in Kiev, Odessa, Ukraine or check someone`s alibi in Ukraine

We check the alibi of a person for his veracity.

Protection of reputation and its support

We will develop a legend and improve your reputation among friends and acquaintances.

Creating an impression of employment (doing business)

We form the appearance of your work activity and successful business with all the attributes: business cards, office, personal secretary, executive car, etc.

We will execute confidential instructions, which, due to certain personal circumstances, you can not trust relatives, friends, subordinates, guards and other categories of citizens.

For many years of work of our agency we have created a lot of alibi options for our clients and gathered great experience in this area. These were both not large variants of providing alibis, as well as major international projects for organizing, for example, a fictional agrarian exhibition with the creation of fake Internet sites, social pages dedicated to this event, photos, letters, accounts, etc. (it was necessary to create an alibi of staying at this exhibition during the week of our client). We take into account all the features of our clients, and our colossal experience will create you a quality alibi.

To get started, you should meet with us and tell in detail all the features of the situation, and what kind of alibi you would like to receive. It is very important. After listening to you, we will offer options for implementing an alibi and make our own adjustments, suggesting corrections taking into account our experience.